Saturday, January 31, 2009

It's sunny, for a change!!!

This time of the year, I am a little frustrated with the winter, the mountains of snow piled up on the sides of streets, the salt grinding under my feet and other experiences which are unique to winter. I have trouble sleeping (see my previous post) and I seem to have an endless appetite for mashed potatoes. A little lethargic, a little unmotivated, which for a multi-tasked like me can be very discouraging. Spring feels like it is sooooo far away and yet, there is one bit of good news - it's lighter in the morning, a little more and more each day. And today, we have an added bonus - the sun is shinning, HURRAY!

I have met some incredible people on Etsy in the last month, buyers and fellow shop owners alike. One of them is Heather Young. I will write more about her in my next blog entry. In fact, she was nice enough to respond to my last post and I thank her. She is an amazing, versatile artist and a very nice person to boot. I have commissioned some work from her and once it is completed, I will show it off here as well. Heather lives in Savannah, Georgia, which is a place with which I have a strange connection. I have never been there (at least not in this lifetime) and yet I feel that I have walked its street before, maybe even lived there at some point. I cannot put my finger on it. Maybe it's worth a trip to Savannah so I understand this connection a little better.

Esty is an amazing community of artists, artisans, buyers, sellers, suppliers, many many very talented people, so talented that I am sometimes speechless when I see their work. People with an incredible sense of style, colour, space, depth, texture, timing......If you are reading this blog and have not yet been to Etsy, stop right here and direct your steps to

Off to sketch some necklace designs....

Before I go, take a look at these amazing buttons I found in a market just the other day. Plum coloured, lightly textured, large and soooo 60s!

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