Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Have you ever felt like another person knows what you are thinking or maybe even lives in your head from time to time? I have and during my lifetime, I have met several people who have invoked those kinds of feelings in me. I encountered one such soul recently and her shop on Etsy is called Meluseena. She is an increbibly talented artist and I love, love, love her style, technique and above all, her sense of humour.

Meluseena is the brain child of Lisa Falzon, a 25 year old of Maltese original living in Cork, Ireland. She is a writer and illustrator, working primarily in the digital medium. Her work has included children's books, CD covers, banners for buses. The whole shebang. One of the things I love about Lisa is her loudly-professed allergy to pretension and the not-so-occasional stuffiness of the art world. Hey, I am not knocking all artists, I am just saying....

Above are photos of the two works I bought from Meluseena (reproduced with her permission)....aren't they incredible???? they incorporate so much of what I love about art - colour, history, detail, humour.... Below, I have also included a link of her blog....please take the time to look into her shop, her work is really smashing and I know you will love it!!!


  1. oh you are the bestest! many many thanks!

  2. oops! I commented on the wrong post! Sooooo love her work. Her use of color is amazing.