Monday, July 20, 2009

Watercolours Galore...

Over the weekend, I had the pleasure of coming across and getting to know Laura Trevey and her fabulous, spirited and memorable watercolours. Take a look at her Etsy shop at (link to her blog shown to the lower left) will not be disappointed! Her colours and compositions are truly infectious and she was kind enough (completely unsolicited, can you believe it!!) to feature my earrings in her great blog! Clearly, a woman of great taste, he he....Please visit her shop today and pass on the news about her to others!

Here are a couple of my favourites (you know me, the water-baby!)

1 comment:

  1. AJ,

    I am honored and flattered! You are so sweet to showcase some of my watercolors.
    Have a wonderful week!

    xo Laura