Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Marci G

Take a look at the work of this incredible Etsy potter and she is only 16! Her profile is sooo amusing - her mother supervises her Etsy shop and she does not take on custom orders because of her high school work and activities.....what a great young talent and such a super feel for composition and colour - well done, Marci G!

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  1. how cool is this? have to go and check out her shop! however did you find her on site of over 200,000 sellers?

  2. Yes, they are, Puss!!!....Maire, she was on the front page, I think, at some point, and I saved her item in my favourites...I do that a fair bit and then go back and look and I was glad I did..she is a gem!!!!

  3. Hey there,

    This is Marci's mom, Lee (OneClayBead on Etsy). Thanks for featuring Marci! She really is very talented- she was one of those kids who won art contests, and always brought home the coolest art projects. You can see some pics of her on my blog if you want to.