Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I am back, Blog..

I had to take a little break...there were too many things on my plate and I was starting to get a little frazzled. Things are more under control now and I am back in the land of bloggers.

I have been filling the shop fairly diligently and creating pieces using new materials. The world is full of new things to learn, every day..isn't that one of its wonders?

For now, the humble yarrow in its September glory...


  1. welcome back! i love your new pieces - and got a kick out of uhura earrings! we loved that movie...

  2. Thanks, Maire...and thanks for looking in one me....trying to stay on top of a number of things, including this blog..will do my best...yes, Kevin and I just loooved the Star Trek movie, we were like little kids--- that's it, the end? is there no more?? he he..I am sure there is more to come..oxoxo