Saturday, October 31, 2009

Green Nails...NOT a Halloween post....

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Chanel says (and when Chanel says, I listen) green nails are in....
they need to be matte....dark or light green - it matters not...tomorrow, I am off to try some and will report back (might even have pics!)....


  1. trying to keep up, i just got some grey!

  2. I want green nails. I've often lingered over some of the greens in the nail salon and wondered, "would it be ok?" never took the plunge, but glad to have Chanel's go ahead!

  3. Sarah, Dear, I am so with you..I have looked at those green polishes for some time...I have a matte, delicious navy blue at the moment (about to put it on) but I think the forest green would be super - just a little holiday touch without being too obvious! oxo thanks for posting!

  4. soooo cannot wait to see pics of these! I too have contemplated the green splurge...I'm liking the idea of a frosty light green for myself. thanks for the inspiration!