Sunday, October 18, 2009

Ralph Lauren...still turning heads!

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To so many (including me) his designs are the essence of style, good taste, classic proportions and flattering hues. Ralph continues to astonish with the ability to keep his classic shapes and themes modern and fresh. His wedding suggestions (in the lower photo) are simply stunning, don't you agree?
Oh, Ralph!


  1. lauren has always been a favorite of mine.. really loving your fashion blogs -

  2. Maire, thanks so much! This topic (style and fashion) has always been a weakness of mine....I decided to share my passion with you...Glad it's hitting a mark!!! Much love to you! So this is one of the things I would put on "Maire's list", as I call it - the list where I am to list the things that I like about myself - 1. I have a very wide range of interests....(hence the subtitle of this blog - using both sides of my brain)....:) AJ