Saturday, October 24, 2009

Yellow for Fall....

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There is a tendency to think of Fall fashion (at least in temperate zones) as characterized by deep, saturated, darker colours and stiffer, more "pulpy" textures. Dries Van Noten does not subscribe to that recipe this Fall and good for him!
He has never been one to care about being in the headlines for "cutting-edge" designs. He sticks to what he does best - classic proportions which flatter a woman's form and make her wardrobe fluid, practical and yet, a great pleasure to wear.
 This season, he has added a little punch with interesting colour combinations and while his Fall Show started and ended with belted slouch coats, there was nothing boring or sedate about any of his pieces!
I love them!!



  1. LOVE yellow for fall...but I have such a hard time wearing that color...I usually have to keep it to an oversized bag or color popping shoes.

  2. Thanks for posting, Heather! I think it's a lot harder for blondes to wear yellow....and I am a carrot blonde so it's hard for me too.....It's a great colour, though! Looked SUPER at your incredible wedding! oxox AJ