Saturday, January 2, 2010

Where I come from, everyone wants a stork!

In Poland, where I was born many blue moons ago, storks are believed to be harbingers of prosperity and luck.

In my first homeland (Canada being my much-beloved second home) these majestic birds are loved and encouraged.

In fact, every fourth stork in the world comes from Poland. 
Storks' nests are the result of perfect teamwork and often, a marvel of design and composition. Papa stork is responsible for bringing all of the materials to the chosen location (a new nest is built each year). Mama stork then arranges the bounty into a comfortable "mattress" - made of straw, bark, twigs and branches, and even bits of nylon and carpet (oh "modern world")! 

I am sure the photo was taken in Eastern Europe ~ the old, East German-built Trabant gives it away!
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  1. i have never seen a stork in person... and didn't know much about the stories behind this bird except for bringing babies... so thank you! i have a new appreciation ~