Saturday, February 6, 2010

Style Over Time~

Many have tried to define "style" - it's a term difficult to snare and reduce to a simple definition...

.......what did it mean in 1942?......

in 1966?
in 1967?

again in 1966?

I think that "style" has had the same definition throughout the history of fashion.....that certain appropriateness of a combination of colour, form and proportion.... in my view, stylish clothes transcend fashion...I belive that that what was stylish 60 years ago is still that - stylish...
..sometimes, style and fashion intersect, but not always (and I think they should)...more about that in another post...
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  1. I love this quote ~

    Style is the image of character."
    (Edward Gibbon)

    Style is your new fab haircut!!

    Great Sunday to you x deb

  2. Hey, Deb! Good to have you post - sooo good! You are too cool for words and I am so glad you like my new do - sometimes, a change is as good as a rest! oxoxox AJ

  3. Yikes! I have sooo much catching up to do here AJ
    Your hair looks great.
    Good luck with that finding a balance thing :)
    Think I might just mozey on over to the Clint pics for a drool, if that's okay. x

  4. I am happy to share him, Jan, anytime! Thanks for coming back for another visit! oxoxox AJ