Sunday, February 7, 2010

Vivienne's Vision

If I were ever a bride (and I won't be)...I would definitely pick one of Dame Westwood's FABULOUS designs....and in a shocking colour to boot!
Of course, that would mean finding a shocking groom to boot but hang on...wait a minute! I have already found him - I live with him, for chrissake! The Big-K! and as an added bonus, we do not have to be married to be together forever....
...but we ARE having a Committment Bash this September, just an excuse to get silly in front of family and maybe a gown is in order...
We have already selected our bands - on Etsy, of course - titanium with purple insides....
.....purple will be my signature colour, of course!
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credits? well, I have had these photos for so long, I cannot remember, how about


  1. these are absolutely stunning! and i love the color she uses! you have fun, be joyous, be authentic... i find that to be so refreshing about you - thank you...

  2. You know I got married in my Air Force blues in a church with 3 witnesses and no ring and have been happily married for almost a quarter of a century now and probably happier since I didn't have to go into debt paying for a big wedding and stuff. My friend was still paying off her wedding 15 years later. Go figure.


  3. Maire - you are always so good for my ego- thanks!! ox

    Puss: how nice to see you on my little blog - I follow yours all the time - yes, I am with you on the "less pomp, more circumstance" - congrats of the longevity of your union! oxox

    Kellie, thanks for popping in, glad you like Viv too! ox

  4. Invite, please! ;) I bet you'll have a fabulous event, a fabulous unmarried life together...
    I've been thinking a lot about marriage lately. What it means. What I want and who...

  5. Hey, Andrea! Thanks for popping in! Everyone is invited to our event! :) - marriage, eh? I am a divorce lawyer, you know, so I can tell you a thing or two about that! hehe..not discouraging anyone, AT ALL - just not for me and I always felt that, not just since I began practising in this area......As for "wants" - I want Clint Eastwood, even now, yes, that's what I want! (and the Big-K knows and laughs!)...

  6. Certainly don't have to be married to be together for ever.
    I speak from experience of course.
    (20+ years now !)
    Commitment party is a nice idea, and why not have a dress?
    And Purple ? YES !

  7. Purple will be a fantastic color to work with, and a dress is a must!

  8. Hey, Jan! We are just looking for an excuse to have a blues band enterain us for a whole day, with great food and great company (wink)...yes, there will be a dress! ox

    Heather, you certainly know how to show a party - your wedding resulted (without question in my mind) in the most beautiful and sincere wedding photos I have ever seen....the love between you and your guests came through loud and clear...ox