Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Bake at 350!...says Bridget

I am bonkers for Bridget - Bridget at Bakeat350 that is!!
Her wares are not only stunning visually, I am SURE they are just as tasty (though I must admit I have not yet had the pleasure of tasting them..)
I have a giant sweet tooth (thiiiiiis biiig!!) and that keeps me on constant lookout
for sources of "gnoshing" material....
Bridget's website is not only fun and colourful but also full of interesting information and advice.....

Some of my favourite colours too!


I love the pink of this cake against the red background...so punchy and unexpected!!
All photos come from Bridget's website (blog)...VISIT IT TODAY!!!
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  1. I'll have to make do with the website - sigh.
    Do you think it's possible to live on chocolate - I do !

  2. Bridget - it's my pleasure....oxo

    Jan - I have tested that theory, I have - it IS possible to live on chocolate..and it's oodles of fun too - my dentist was thrilled by my little experiment...built an addition to his house! ox

  3. What a delicious looking post! Yummy!