Thursday, March 11, 2010

Mono No Aware (3)

If you follow my blog, you know that I have previously posted on the philosophy and esthetic of

...sometimes described as the "aaaahh-ness' of things", the concept celebrates the ephemeral, passing nature of all that surrounds us and the bitter-sweet feelings which accompany the realization that nothing is permanent.

I identify very closely with this philosophy. Observing flowers, and their faces as they morph over time, gives me a chance to experience the esthetic and the feelings which accompany it in an accelerated state - the several days which represent the life-span of a cut flower...

I must admit that I have always had a very difficult time throwing away faded flowers - to me, they are still very beautiful (if a little smelly)....but returning them to nature is part of the process and I accept that. When the weather outside is warm, I often lay my faded flowers in the corner of the garden so they rest in a place they came from....

The photos you see here, all taken by me, are of tulips in the later stages of their cut life....

I think they are still very beautiful, in a mature, ephemeral way, don't you agree?
I think it's important that, from time to time, we look at the details, we bring our eyes and noses closer to the objects around us, that we experience the 'aaaahh-ness" of things....

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All photos by AJJ


  1. Wow AJ, you are quite a photographer!
    very Georgia O'Keefe-seque images here...& sensuAL!!!

  2. Gee, Lenore, now that you mentioned the "sensual" part, I do see that...fleshy......

    wow - that's a compliment, thanks - the "O'Keefe-sque" part - I will cherish that forever!!! oxoxo AJ

  3. Beautiful pictures, AJ. I love this post because I think in this age where we are so bombarded with technology and SOUND, we often tend to miss the "aahhness" of things. Great reminder and, as always, great post.

  4. Thank you so much, Sara (about my photos)! Yes, technology sometimes makes us forget "the basics", as I call them - here's to basics and great friends sharing observations like this! oxoxo