Thursday, April 8, 2010

Bucking the Trend - Freja

Danish, 22-year-old model, Freja Beha (Erichsen) is one to watch, in my view...


Edgy and brooding, she was not afraid to cut her hair after establishing herself in the fashion industry, and despite promising her agent she would not do so - the rebel!

She also has 12 tatoos and an agreement with her agent that she can get as many more as she wants - the little negotiator!

I love her large, defined lips and her ability to be pretty waif one minute and fille fatale the next....

She was discovered while walking along a street somewhere in Denmark...

I love her angry look in this couture dress...

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credits: google, vogue uk


  1. She is stunning!
    I adore her androgynous appeal somehow~
    Happy Friday to you darrrrling~ I can smell the weekend air!!! ~yesss...

  2. Lenore: "androgynous" is a super word to describe her - it was escaping me and now I have it, from you! Naughty weekend wishes to you, my Dear! oxox

  3. Her lips are great. She is delicate yet kind of a tomboy.

  4. Wow, this girls got a mood about her...very captivating, and I love that she's carving her own path in the world of modeling...what fun with this world be, if you couldn't be a little daring now and again?

  5. Hmmm....
    I think her face is beautiful...But She has to be hungry, doesn't she? Is that thin natural for her? Is it healthy? I couldn't say except it actually looks painful to me. Like the photos one sees from starving nations...
    I don't know...