Tuesday, April 27, 2010

How many minutes have YOU been on this planet?

...if you are dying to know, take a look at this fun Birthday Calculator....it will give you piles of other great trivia on your birthday!
I recommend it!
By the way, I am a 3!


  1. This is great!! Thanks for sharing this. I'm going to use it on my blog around my birthday!

  2. Glad you enjoyed it, Michael, I did too! ox

  3. Oh, I love these . I've just been on it for ages putting everyone I know in !!
    I'm a 1 and I get on really well with a 3 so it got that right !. There was a lot right about me. I've put it in my favourites so that I can keep going back to it. That's how sad I am, AJ !!!! XXXX

  4. Thanks AJ!
    haven't heard this site til now...
    tick-tock-tick-tock(LOUDly!)...that's my biological clock by the way...


  5. Yo - factsville over there !
    I rather like the fact that on the day I was born the moon was waxing gibbous.
    Or do I ?
    Gibbous sounds like some sort of ailment maybe.
    Cheers A.J.

  6. Darling A.J, first of all, I would have to admit that I am afraid of time. So much so that I never wear watches and come to think of it - there is not a single clock in my home or in my Atelier. I always admire brave people like you who are not afraid of the consept of time...Does it sound silly to you? :-)
    Secondly, I am so very happy that your package arrived safely and you loved it!!! There is nothing more wonderful for me than to have a chance to make somebody a bit happier even for a moment. :-) I am wishing you wonderful week!:-)