Sunday, April 4, 2010


Happy Easter, All!
Spring has come and my garden is putting on a brand new dress!
My camera is bursting with excitement and so am I....
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All photos by AJ - MNA Photography


  1. beautiful pictures. Spring [i think] is the most beautiful season. Happy Easter AJ! xoxo

  2. Oh, your photographs are wonderful and, how lovely that everything is bursting forth in your garden. We have had a little stumbling block with ours. The weather has turned rather cold here in the U.K. but, things are starting to stir in the garden.
    Have a wonderful Easter filled with delicious things. XXXX

  3. Beautiful pictures! I love the renewal that spring AND Easter bring! Happy Easter, AJ!

  4. happy easter - thinking of you - sending you big hugs!!

  5. Happy-Happy Easter darrrling AJ!
    Goodness...I was at the nursery recently & was in love with all the succulent plants, thinking of having them this summer~ Love your photos very much...JUSSSCY*

    xo+blessings as always!

  6. Dionne: - hope you had a chocolatey Easter - thanks for visiting my little blog and for being such a good friend! oxo

    Jacqueline: - I can imagine the late spring may be a little frustrating but it will come, promise! Sending warm winds your way, all the way from Canada! oxo

    Maire - big hug right back at you, thank you - you are such a dear friend to me and such a great support - I appreciate it!

    Michael: - thanks for visiting - oxox

    Lenore: - I looove succulents - they have such personalities, I can't explain it but they do - you will know what I mean when you have glad you like the photos, darling, I guess crawling on the wet ground to take them was worth it! oxoxoxo AJ

    Sara: - Spring is my favourite season - rebirth, reneval, re-awakening! Much love to you ox

  7. Still struggling with the Spring awakening over here - really - serious chill in the air.
    Glad you're feeling so bouncy ! :)

  8. Beautiful photos!
    Hope you had a wonderful Easter!

  9. The scenery which you catch are really transparent.
    There seem to be them right in front of my eyes.

    Your photography is splendid surely.

    Happy weekend.

    From the Far East.
    Best regards.

  10. Jan: - I am sorry spring is still uncertain in your part of the world - our dear Jackie was telling me the same thing just the other day....sending you oodles of sunshine and spring warmth! ox

    Federica: - thank you for your visit, it's always so nice to "see" you! ox

    ruma: - glad you like the photos - one of the reasons I so adore macro photography is because it feels very immediate, as if we could reach and touch the subject matter - It's nice of you to visit - thank you and hope to "see" you again! ox