Sunday, May 9, 2010


I am still here, still alive...bear with me, please, and come back "other life", of an attorney, absorbed all of my attention in the last few days...I so missed the feel of my camera in my hands, my morning blog posts and the delicious 20 minutes I spend each daybreak reading yours....
today, in a moment of respite from the rain, I crawled on the wet ground to take this photo, just for YOU!
ox AJ


  1. Thank you for getting the shot , it is perfect, I understand how the so called "professional" life can get in the way. Some times posting my blog is the only way to loosen its grip .

  2. Dear AJ,
    Such a beautiful shot of such a beautiful flower. I love forget-me-not's. They really say that Spring is here. I've been AWOL lately as I've had computer trouble !! XXXX

  3. Hi AJ
    One of my favourites...they are planted in my garden in rememberance of my baby niece, Sophie Alice who passed one springtime. Thank you for such a perfect bouquet! Alison xoxo

  4. Your efforts are appreciated.
    Glad you're okay.

  5. Its a beautiful photo!