Thursday, June 17, 2010

Fall Shmall....

...but seriously, Summer has not even officially begun and I am already asking: "are YOU ready for Fall"???
You would be very much en vogue come this leaf-dropping-season in these jaw-dropping Celine creations (one of my favourite designers...4 photos above)....minimalist IS the look for Phoebe Philo, in her second season at this venerable design house....
And how about 'em boots ~ from one of my other favourites - Bruberry Prorsum - leather and stretch lace - now that is a vavoom combination....

Some think it plebean but I do like the look of brown and black together...with the right tones and textures...
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  1. Hi AJ,
    Well, all of these are so 'me'.
    Considering that I wear black on a daily basis, no matter what season we are in and the fact that I love Autumn and Winter clothes far better than Summer ones, these are a feast for my eyes !!
    Love the boots and bown and black together looks great !
    I am looking forward to Autumn from a clothes point of view, so you have made me a happy bunny this morning. XXXX

  2. I was told earlier that today (that would now be yesterday) is the longest day - so nights will be getting shorter.
    No I'm not ready for fall.
    I also favour a black brown combo.