Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Time for Purple!

Yes, I needed a purple recharge!
Purple makes me whole..
Purple makes me smile..
Purple makes me..(fill in your own blank)~

Happy Tuesday, All!
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Photo credits (in order of appearance): julesoflondon, wip-hairport, ragamuffinview,
cheekhoward, purpletree, birdman of el paso (all flickr)


  1. I would totally do my hair that colour - if my employers allowed it.

  2. Hi AJ,
    Beautiful purple post....am loving that first image.
    I have just bought two different MAC purple eyeshadows !! Aren't you proud of me ? XXXX

  3. purple is such an interesting color... it can be vibrant and intense... fun... or incredibly soul-full and calming...
    i rarely use it in my work, but it is interesting that you post this - because i was going to do something with it today! (and with lotuses no less)
    p.s. i have done purple on my daughter's hair...

  4. Purple makes me smile. It is my signature color.
    I bought a purple bracelet over the weekend.

  5. Love the purple house and fence photo! Great.

  6. Hard to be crabby when your surrounded by such a marvelous hue. Purple just yells, love me. Aj I hope you had a great Tues. and when I think of you from now on, you will be wearing purple. ( :

    xxx deb