Sunday, July 11, 2010

I am redecorating....bear with me!

Happy Weekend, All!
ox AJ
(my lilies are baack!)


  1. Your blog is looking so snazzy Aj. I love it. Your gardens have to be incredible. Each & every photo you take of your flowers blow me away. I hope you had time to enjoy your weekend?!

    Have a great week. xxoo deb

  2. I'm so slow today (must be the heatwave) - it took me a minute or so to notice you've changed your template.
    Like it !

  3. Deb: thanks so much for popping in! I am afraid the photos enhance by garden unduly (macro photos have that capacity) but I do love it endlessly. Had a great weekend, thanks - upwards and onwards! ox

    Jan: love your new photo! yes, someone told me that a change once in a while is as good as a rest.....who knows how long this will last but it's here for the moment...ox