Saturday, January 24, 2009

Not sure....

I haven't quite figured out yet why I am doing this but then, there were other stages in my life when I got swept up by the tide and pushed on along with the rest of the little fish.... I feel like once again, a gentle, unseen hand is pushing me along, this time saying: "time to start a blog".

The truth is, I dont' like reading blogs myself, those personal, very personal blogs: "ran out of detergent today and when I got in my car to drive to the grocery store, I realised there was no squirt for my windows"....yikes, go get some squirt and detergent and stop whinning. SO: here is my first resolution for this blog: no whinning! (not about detergent and squirt, that's for sure).

It's very cold and snowy where I live, much more so than in the place I was born. There are trucks and snowmobiles whizzing by whithin a stone-throw....on the ice!!! men and women too, wrapped up like Michelin Men, unbending and unbendable elbows and knees, stradling those noise "mechanical horses", zooming on the white desert to their ice huts (full of "medicine" to be sure, you know, for medicinal purposes only). I am going to try it this year, ice fishing that is. If the ice is thick enough to hold a truck, then I figure it's strong enough to keep me above water too.......although sometimes I feel so full I worry my botton will pop off at rocket speed and hit one of the cats in the eye...

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