Monday, February 16, 2009

need 26 hours in a day....

I have neglected you, dear blog, and I am sorry about that. I will get better, I promise. The last few days have had me running proverbially ragged. I feel like a chicken still looking for its head!

I have been producting new items, and have introduced the MOBILE COLLECTION, a down-to-earth, back-to-nature, modern, mobile set of necklaces. They incorporate wood, tagua, sting and basic metals, for a melange reministent of building blocks or puzzle pieces. The pieces also carry some vibrant primary colours, natural textures and shapes. My dear friend Sarah (of has already called the collection "awesome" and I send her a big hug for that. I hope it will find an audience, particularly now that warm weather in the northern hemisphere is around the corner. Shake off those winter blahs with a little colour and contemporary shapes!

My MiniEtsy, to the right, let's you see some of these items but please visit the shop as well, won't you?

My next post will feature another incredible Etsy artist - you will not soon forget her when you read about her and see her work...promise. Please check back soon!!!



  1. very eclectic new series! I love it!

  2. thanks very much, Heather! So far, it's not as much of a "hit" as I had hoped it would be. Hey, sales at FLYoung Studio!!?? have to blog about that!!!