Friday, February 6, 2009

Corrales, NM, Cork, Ireland and Bay Area, California....

...just some of the places I have "visited" over the last 24 hours, through convos with incredible artists...I continue to be truly amazed at the open-arms attitude of virtually everyone I have met on Etsy. One supplier actually suggested to me that I might consider making the supplies myself! In my day-job, we call that " a statement against interest"! She is a good egg....

Speaking of good eggs...


Today, I want to tell you today about Rebecca, whom I found through her Etsy shop:

Rebecca makes jewelry and supplies which make me feel alive: they tap into my very core, where mother nature lives, the earthy, visceral core deep in each one of us. She uses one of my fabourite materials, copper, and so many other interesting textures, colours and designs. I sincerely invite you take a look at her items. You will see various links to her in My Favourite Links below (AdobeSol, nmartists, artstudioonline and so on). I have found Rebecca very easy to work with (she is making some supplies for me). She is receptive to ideas and very communicative. Whether for her stunning jewelry or for supplies, please give Rebecca a try! You will not be disappointed!

Rebecca was raised in Southern California and she now lives in Corrales, New Mexico. She is mother to a teenage child diagnosed with Type-1 Diabetes and she often has charity sales. 100% of sales from those events are donated to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. Please keep that charity in mind when making your own donations.

Below is a photo is incredible Mykonos beads I just bought from her.


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  1. a fun shop those beads...etsy is amazing!