Thursday, February 5, 2009

Pearls are never out of style!!!!!!!!!!

I have always loved pearls. Years ago, for some special occasion I cannot recall, my dear Mother treated me to a scrumptious replica of a necklace of Jackie's (yes, that Jackie's). Three strands of heaven, sufficiently large to be a little-over-the-top and not so big that they scream Ivana (yes, that Ivana). I wear them often. They make me feel "old money".

My new shop collection is based around freshwater pearls. I have called it the Babel Pearl Collection because I am very attracted to the word "pearl" in different languages. It will include necklaces, earrings and maybe even a couple of rings. I have made some sketches but let's just wait and see where it goes. I love freshwater pearls for their imperfection. I also love them because they are the product of little pranks played on unsuspecting much fun. If you know me personally, you know how much I love pranks!

I have included in this post a photo of my Perla Imperfect Earrings.....I simply adore their imperfection.


Today's featured artist is a girl who understands colour better than most. It's the one and only: Sarah Elinor at I am thrilled to say I was one of her first customers and that is because I simply fell in love, head over heels, with her earrings. Tell you what...stop reading this post for the moment and take a look at her shop. She is now working with felt beads as well and the results are fun, funky and carefree. It was her birthday the other day so let's all sing: HB, Sarah Elinor (hey, you in the back, it's the wrong key!).....

I am including a photo of one pair of my new earrings....they look good enough to eat!!!


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