Thursday, February 19, 2009

Nothing junky about THIS girl.....

I know, I know, you have heard me say this before (and read about it too) - Etsy is a place where I have made many interesting connections, even in the short time my shop has been in existence (ie: since early January). There is Rebecca and Sarah and Maribelle and Alsatia and Heather (of course!!!) and Lisa/Meluseena but I would be totally remiss if I did not share with you my discovery of junquegrrl and her incredible "mini-abodes" (my phrase)....check her out at

Mandy is a self-professed "weirdo living in Providence, RI." I vividly recall reading her Profile on Etsy for the first time - I laughed with such animation that our animals scurried into corners, wondering if mommy had gone mad! and then, of course, I JUST HAD TO tell Kevin about her and her little houses!! Well, since that time, Mandy and I have become sort of "buds" and we keep in touch. I always love to see her in forums where her opinions are generally just like mine... She too lives with a very good guy and she too has cats (we have three, and two dogs!!). And my love for her grew even stronger when I read that her house does not get cleaned as often as it should and there is lots of yarn - hey, that's just like our place!!!!!

Take a look at a couple of her houses (below) and you will understand why I think she is just the cat's meow. AND, she seems to have cornered the FRONT PAGE of Etsy - she virtually lives there!!!!

You just HAVE TO visit her shop!!!!!

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