Sunday, February 1, 2009

What an interesting 24 hours I have had....

Had some great chats with people on Etsy, buyers, other sellers....and Ruffled Earrings were featured on the Front Page! I was very excited, just as excited as I was the first time it happened. The some more sales and the month of January closed with a total of 12. I am very pleased with myself. Based on my own standard, I am doing well. My shop has had a lot of exposure through 2 FPs and 6 treasuries and I am receiving positive feedback from buyers and from other sellers. What more can I ask for? this is already a lot more than I expected.
The hard work is paying off and I am very much enjoying the creative process. I have learned soooo much in the last month, so much....

And hey, it feels like spring today!!!! Hurray!!!

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