Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Province of Her Mind.....

.....but not provincial by any stretch. Provincijalka’s photos make one feel, make one think and feel again…they are, in my view, examples of masterful composition with a clever use of colour…There is photo in her shop of orange slices in a jar – take a look….the orange pops (I hate that word but it works here)…particularly against the muted background. The orange is part of the composition and yet, stands alone… is also clear, to me at least, that Provincijalka has a sense of humour, a healthy “tongue in cheek” approach to her subjects. A couple of my favourite photos are included in this post……

In her Etsy profile, she describes herself thus:

“- studied film but fell in love with photography in the process.
- am a mom of twin boys (Adar & Amar) and wife of 8 years :)
- write when I don't feel like doing anything.
- collect fountain pens and vintage cameras.
- am revived by receiving old fashioned, snail-mail letters from friends and family.
- am of average height (bordering on short:) 5 ft 51/2 inches.
- love my Chuck Taylors!
- have curly hair.
- develop film and b&w photos in my makeshift basement darkroom.
- love to listen to Josipa Lisac when it rains.
- read poerty at night and
- try to see it during the day.
- LOVE autumn because I get to enjoy my favorite food - roasted chestnuts.
- call warm chocolate pudding (the kind you cook, not the instant one) my favorite dessert.
- am a teacher and a frequent flea market shopper.
- am a coffee addict! ...”

Please visit her shop – your trip will be worth it, I promise!


  1. what a fantastic profile, I love those photos too!

  2. Thanks, Leah, glad you like them!