Saturday, March 28, 2009

That Bead Lady.... a "bead and supplies paradise" in Newmarket, Ontario, the town closest to the hamlet where I live, Willow Beach. The shop would not be the same without Allison, my secret mentor and supporter in this crazy venture known as Nighbluey. Allison has a very unique quality as a saleswoman. She reads her customer well and knows precisely when to offer help and suggestions and when to stay away. If you know me personally, you are familiar with my occasional "girl on a mission" attitude, charactretized by purposeful charging around and looking for precisely what I want. Allison somehow knows (though we have never discussed it) that at those times, it is safer to let me proceed with my mission to its completion...there are other times when I wander around the store, clearly cruising for new finds. She lets me do my thing and then at the cash and before we complete the sale, she points out more teresting bits of ware and technique...she is a real gem, that Allison, and I want to THANK HER for being such a pal and so full of encouragement. Like a "bead sister" I never had!!!

Now isn't that golden sheen black obsidian (above) incredible??!!


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  1. "When we are enthusiastic we are intoxicated with passion rooted in our true selves and it flows into all we do." (Linda Saccoccio)

    Hi AJ...
    I just wanted to say that what a thrill it was to read your blog the other day and how much I appreciate your generous words. (In fact I just read it It is absolutely my pleasure to be your "bead sister". You are a talented artisan who is generous in heart and spirit...I'm happy our paths have crossed. I truly love my job at That Bead Lady and the opportunity to interact with some fabulously creative souls. Now the pressure is on...agghhh!!!

    Carpe Beadem my friend!