Saturday, July 11, 2009

It's ok to wear your emotions on your sleeve from time to time....

...we are not meant to be blocks of concrete. Human discourse and interaction is so much easier (and FUN!) when body language and facial expressions add to the dialogue. I am told I am one of the most facially expressive and animated people around. I know. There are times I vow to learn the pocker face and at others, I am glad my eyes and cheeks and lips, and not just my mind, speak as well, through words.

Jewelry has a language too. It conveys mood and emotion. For example, it can be playful and convey an attitude of carefree and childlike abandon. Or is can be sultry and demure. Or it can be bold and daring.....the necklace below is meant to be a hint at passion, simmmering inside the ruby red glass briolettes....


  1. love the angle of your photos!
    i lost a job once as my boss told me to stop using my face so expressively, but i could not do her bidding...i love my new job...

  2. Thanks for sharing, Darlene. Yes, sometimes, my body language gets ahead of my verbal expression but at least, the audience has a preview of what is coming, he he....glad you like my photos! Cheers