Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I am in loooove.....

...with Chain Reaction (below) by Jennifer Smith-Righter of WearablebyDesign...check out all of her designs at www.wearablebydesign.etsy.com...you won't be disappointed. Next to her magic, I feel like a complete hack, I really do....honestly, I could wear every single piece in that shop but Chain Reaction and that computer-inspired pendant are my favourites (take a look, you can't miss it!)........hey, Keeeeeeviiiinnn! are you paying attention, love??????


  1. Thank-you for such a kind tribute! I'm thrilled to be honored by a wonderful fellow artist such as yourself!

  2. aah - where is the self-love? :o) you are far from a hack... you 2 are just different... that is the beauty of the creative eye... seeing things, imagining things in your own unique way... jennifer's work is fab & so is yours... thanks so very much for sharing it!