Thursday, August 13, 2009

Mixed bag....

Is your jewelry case like mine? a mixed bag? I have some very contemporary pieces, like the vintage Finnish sterling silver "donut" pendant, looking like the silver is still liquid. I also have very classic pieces, like the Jackie O pearls replica which my Mother gifted to me for some special occasion. I love that about myself (hey, Maire, I am getting there!!)...that I can present different aspects of my personality..that sometimes, I am very edgy and at other times, very traditional and old-world. I really can be a chameleon.....what about you - what's in your jewelry box??

Made last night - classic chain with a funky, modern feel....

1 comment:

  1. I find my jewelry box is so much more fun than my wardrobe. I tend to buy very simple classic shapes when it comes to clothes, but that leaves a blank canvas for accessories! (Speaking of which I ADORE the bracelett you much drama!) I'm a sucker for a bold pop of color, a daring bracelet, or an oversized ring. Although there are times when I walk out just wearing the diamond earrings my father gave me on my 21st birthday.