Monday, October 12, 2009


Today, I am pleased to feature the work of Victoria Bennett Beyer, Milemarker (as her Etsy shop is called). Vickie describes herself in her Etsy profile as follows:

"I'm Victoria Bennett Beyer, a graphic artist and photographer. I've got a background in journalism that really influences my work. I'd say my photography is generally straightforward and documentary in style, though I experiment with technique when I stumble on something new."

Vickie's subject matter is varied, as you will see from the pictures below. To me, it is evidence of her active and observant eye, ever watching for subjects to capture, both in smaller subjects in front of her, like flowers, and out on the horizon. She has a keen sense of colour and her flower shots are taken from unusual angles, which I also like very much. I am all about weird angles (wink).....who would have "thunk" to take a shot of a tulip's belly - well, Vickie did and it's so intimate....

Please visit Vickie's shop. I have also included her charming blog in the blogroll to the right (A Mile a Minute).

Enjoy Vickie's images!



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  1. Lovely to see Victoria's talent featured here, she is one of my favorites!