Monday, October 12, 2009

These Onyx Earrings are on Fire....

Black is the new black and do not let anyone tell you otherwise. If you could have only one pair of earrings for this Halloween, these should be it!!!!!!!!!!! At $14, they are a real steal! Sold one pair within several minutes of listing!



  1. beautiful - sultry... congrats on the sale...

  2. "Sultry"..I love that word and do not use it enough - thanks, Maire, you are a doll!!!

  3. Those are nice. I love your circus earrings too that you are giving away. I don't join in on give aways anymore though since I left Etsy as a buyer or I would have my butt there trying to win them. lol. I don't feel it is fair to those who spend their time on Etsy as a buyer for me to jump in as a non buyer trying to win stuff. They are are both really nice though.