Monday, October 12, 2009

Pumpkin Patches everywhere!

In Poland, where I grew up, Halloween and the pumpkin-decorating tradition were unknown. That may be the reason I love both so much! I may be catching up on years of pumpkin deprivation. I can tell you I enjoy Halloween even more than Christmas (there, I said it, sorry, Carol!). Today, I am going to hang some shadow spiders from our bay/turret windows in the front of the house - they look positively spooky when the mantlepiece is lit with candles...oooohh, I am soo the meantime, these earrings were inspired by the colours of this "horrific" season, BOO!!

Pumpkin Patch Earrings

Raven Earrings


  1. eye candy!
    Love your signature hook on the earings...
    Thanks for your witty comments, cracked me up!
    Watch out for my music cd in the store before Christmas... it's carol! LOL


  2. Thanks for the headup on the CD - give me more information and I will share it on the blog and on my FB page too!! "Witty" I witty?? That's flattering, thanks!