Sunday, October 11, 2009

Torontonians and Soccer...(and the team wore pink jerseys for Breast Cancer Awareness!!)

There are ever growing numbers of serious soccer fans in Toronto. Each season, the city's official team, the Toronto FC, attracts thousands of loyal fans, some even a little crazy, wearing all of the right gear and making all of the right (or wrong, depending whose side you are on) noises! And yes, those games are really noisy! Kevin and I love being part of that crowd and cheering for the FC. There is no feeling like it! We love sport in general and I have to say, each discipline we watch (and these include hockey and lacrosse) has its own set of fans with their own, very individual spirit, chants, quirks and profiles. It's quite incredible that there is such a variety and diversity, even among sports fans, we LOVE IT!

Took some shots for you of yesterday's game and preparations. The fans were wild! This was likely the last chance this season we will have to sit outside and in the heart of the city, at BMO field, and watch our team and Toronto's incredible skyline. There were still sailboats out on the lake and despite the frightening presence of down-filled vests among fans, the spirit was decidedly summery!!! Go FC Go!! (alas, they tied with San Jose)...

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