Friday, October 16, 2009

Modern Woman - STC (Style, Texture, Colour)

Donna Karan is one of my favourite designers. She has been for years. I am so glad that she is returning to giving today's woman shape and curves. I am thrilled that not only her runway but others as well are filled with women looking like women again...Donna always manages to add an extra dimension - strength and the right combination of shape, texture and colour, femininity and strength can be very sexy...


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  1. Some fantastic Autumnal colours in the collection, and furry arm warmers - yes yes!

    Polly x

  2. For years now, I have been a fan of these shapes and colours and I knew that one day, I would not be the only one wearing them (he he)...the cliche that fashion moves in cycles is soo's the 80s but updated and up-vamped....glad you like the post, Polly! Cheers AJ