Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Not Afraid to Flatten my Hair...

..yes, yes, I know...there are many of us who avoid covering our heads in the winter lest we produce, once indoors, the ever-present "flathead". I am one of you. This Fall/Winter season I AM covering my head because with a little research, I have found such stylish and feminine hats and berets that the flathead is a small compromise to make! Marianne S(Etsy) certainly provides beautiful options...take a look at the charming beret below - to die for! She has many other yummy items in her shop...collars, flowing scarves...and so convincingly and romantically presented, don't you agree? Enjoy!


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  1. If my hair would flatten I would wear a hat. But it doesn't. I put the hat on, and what hangs out bushes out like Bozo the clown's hair, makine me look like a straight up bush bitch that crawled out of a ditch somewhere.