Friday, November 20, 2009

I have a fetish....(or is it an anti-fetish?).....

I do not like people touching my feet (it's hereditary - my Mama felt the same).....but Manolo Blahnik can touch my feet anytime! To me, he remains a Prince of Shoes and this has nothing to do with the hoopla he got on Sex and the City...I have loved Manolo for years....classic proportions, supremely feminine and yet, so fresh, soooo current!

Whoawee! Outback meets cowgirl meets sexy!

These are fit for the Piratess of the Caribbean, don't you agree???? Love them!

Modern Athena!

"Let there be no mistake about it - I really do know what I want!"
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  1. Oooh you made me drool...especially the chic cowgirl...heehwa!
    Fab weekend ~

  2. They are all so fabulous but the boots are wow. Pair those with Johnny Depp & I'm set for a lifetime. Found your blog through Lenorenevermore. I love it! Happy Sunday to yoou ~ Deb

  3. Lenore, glad you love "the leather"!
    Dumbwit (such a super-cool moniker) glad you found me and hope you come back from time to time, we have fun here..we laugh, we cry, we know - life
    oxoxo to you both