Friday, November 20, 2009

No surprises but sometimes, that' a good thing!

If you are wondering about the most popular colour palette for the upcoming holiday season, your first guess was correct - it's black and grey and white! To me, that's a good thing, a measure of certainty, that is! These are perennial favourites for sooo many designers and why not? - black, grey and white are festive, crisp and dramatic- on their own or in combination (with each other and other colours)....One commentator opines that this is evidence of the designers' "somber" mood about the economy and the state of our lives in general - WHAT???? I love to wear black even when I am delirious and giggling uncontrollably (which is often, I must admit) so that theory is, in my view, bosh!!

Looove that metallic gray - I have a super jacket from a super Canadian designer, Lida Baday, and I wear it each's a classic!

Black and white rock!!

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