Thursday, December 31, 2009

Look forward, not back, Daaarliiing!

Are you under pressure to make resolutions?
Is the end of the decade making you intro- and retro-spective?
Loook forward, not back!
I do!
I am still working on my 1982 resolutions, you see...they were resolutions for a lifetime, not something I could ever hope to accomplish in just one year....I am pleased with that and carry them from year to year, decade to decade....
Life is like a big cupboard, with many drawers..pull and see what is inside a cupboard you pick and if you do not like the contents, you get to choose again! It's ok-that's what life is - trial and error and the journey is SUPERB!
Happy New Decade!
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  1. i looove how you approach this - and you are right... it is not about being locked in, but growing... making sure that you pro-gress, not di-gress... (hmm, could have used that in my post! see what you bring out in me?)... i value your voice, am always thrilled to see that you have 'spoken'... best to you ~ xo

  2. Thank You, Friend! Biiigg Huug!!!