Monday, February 15, 2010

..and not of the rubber variety....

Gloves, I mean, glorious gloves!

This post was to be about gloves but then who can resist Kate Hudson in this charming shoot for Harper's Bazaar (2007)..the photographer was Peter Lindbergh....

AND she IS wearing gloves in four of the photos so I guess - mission accomplished!
In my humble view (and what do I know, n'est pas?) long, satin gloves are one of the sexiest accessories a woman can own (and it helps if you actually wear them)...
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  1. Wow. These photos are lovely! Oh to have dresses and places to wear them like this! Not a magazine shoot though! Well....Yeah, that'd be okay too!
    I found a beautiful pair of deep coffee kid opera gloves last week at the thrift store. Tags still attached. They are very small so I will list them in my "Esty shoppe to be", if I ever get it open! :) I used to collect gloves and hats so I have a wee bit of inventory stashed...
    Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. Oh, Andrea! Those sound delicious!!you HAVE to get an Etsy shop going - it's sooo easy! And I may just be your first customer. Just after the holidays, I bought an old, navy blue staw Italian hat - it needs a little stitching but whoaaa - I can't wait for the summer to come!

  3. I LOVE Kate Hudson... she is so beautiful and funny too!

    xoxo Laura

  4. AJ,i love them too...
    was eying a soft leather pair during the holidays...waited for them to go on sale I thought & zooped they were all sold out! Now I have to visit those S&M store, I'm sure they have them 24/7 no?! Greetings~ did you get to the travel agent? you too funny dahlin'whahhh...


  5. Do strippers still use gloves in their routines?
    Anyway, Kate looks beautiful in that shoot.

  6. Laura, you are absolutely right, she IS funny!

    Lenore, darlink, I did not get to the agent but I did get to the waxing - who knows when a six-pack might present itself - we HAVE to be ready...and yes, long gloves are a must as well! ox

  7. Jan! AND how would I know thaaaat!! yes, I am pretty sure they do but only in the classier of joints (you know, a la old-style Hefner, burleque, so to speak)....

  8. you find the most beautiful pictures - what an incredible eye for style and classic beauty... those gloves are wonderful! now i just need to go somewhere that requires more than dress casual!! (although my daughter has the knitted fingerless kind that you can wear with a tee!! :0) )

  9. Oh I love this set of photo's. So glamorous. The dresses are gorgeous and yes I agree about the gloves.

    Just spotted the o'clogs by Chanel....yes please!

  10. Maire - we all need those special occasions from time to time! I am thinking of having a Great Gatsby garden party this summmer - just an excuse to wear a hat and let my curtains blow though the window panes, hehe..those fingerless gloves sound great!

    Dustjacket, I am honoured to have you visit my blog - you, queen of incredible photo assemblies!

    ox AJ