Tuesday, February 16, 2010

ChiCa Boom!

those eyes..those teeth, those breasts....that Loren....a definite member of my Pantheon of Iconic Women...
(PS 1: people in the 60s we so much more forgiving, and it's not just a "European thing")
(PS 2: I am very lucky to say I am shaped like her - sometimes it's a blessing, sometimes it's a curse!)
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  1. And she still looked gorgeous last time I saw her - so annoying !
    You are blessed. ;)

  2. Those eyES & liPs !!
    the guitar-shape figure doesn't hurt either~

  3. I love her, she's so beautiful and confident. She is so amazing .. She has such a kick ass figure and that face!

  4. Jan - she will be gorgeous till the day she leaves this mortal coil!

    Lenore: you are so right about the "guitar shape" - well put!

    Dustjacket - "confident" - an apt way to describe her as well - beautiful AND confident!

  5. She's amazing!
    Thanks so muche for your kind comment, I'm glad you liked my photos!
    Have a nice day,

  6. The woman is stunning and you're very lucky if you have her shape! Thank you so much for the kind comment while I was away. :)

  7. From a girl that does not have that hour-glass shape, you are very blessed AJ. I can't even put into words tonight how I feel about Ms. Loren. There will be no other. It seems that the women of that era were truly irreplaceable. You said it so true, we all were more forgiving of women's shapes then. Seeing the one of Sophia & one I had posted of Marilyn they were not stick thin. These were 'real' women. Thanks for posting all her gorgeous photos. Such a delight to see. Thanks too for all your kind comments of late. So pleased to get to know you! xx deb

  8. Federica - you are welcome - you have a very fresh blog and your photos are stories are so non-banal! Will be back often!

    From the Right - I looove your adventures and come back to your blog for new, very practical ideas. Super!

    Deb - you are a real sweetheart - I see that you are back in full swing - wit sharpened, heart pouring out to your friends (at least you seem strong on the outside) - so many potential changes ahead of you...will we learn what you have decided? Biiiig hug.