Sunday, February 28, 2010

Colour Anchors

With age, I am better at verbalising what I like in interior design, at least I think I's one positive quality of the aging process - understanding what we want, saying what we want and being more uncompromising in our quest to get it....

I like cool interiors, anchored together by cool, I mean the base palate is to be on the "Nordic" side, so to speak, white or pale grey, lavender or even blue/lilac (you know how much I looove purple)....
Colour is then inserted, like Cool Aid into a glass of plain water, to give the space bounce and punch...this allows the eyes to bounce excitedly from focal point to focal point....the word for the day  - "bounce"
* I am being silly

Look at this incredible kitchen - that yellow is simply smashing! There is just enough of it to let the eye bounce....the proportion of colour to background is important, in my view...too much colour and the effect is lost...

Another excellent example of that I mean this kitchen, a number of colours work together but in my view, the green is the anchor...
Kevin and I are in the process of painting our fireplace a cool ink colour. Our wood floor is a cool, dark brown and the walls are a shade of grey. With splashes of purple and fuschia, the look is what I call
"Modern Lounge".
All of the photos come from the fabulous Canadian interior design magazine, which I simply adore, called
Canadian House & Home.
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  1. I think 'accents of colour' is my philosophy too...great shots, xv.

  2. Coincidence alert.
    Only yesterday I was attempting to verbalise my interiors likes and dislikes to my other half and despite the advancing years :)
    I couldn't define them.
    Ink with grey does sound cool (I don't mean cold cool) x

  3. Hi, Vicki, and thanks for visiting! Accents of colour is a great way to put it! ox

    Jan: coincidences are the spice of life...oxoxo