Monday, March 1, 2010

Punctuated by Purple ~ One

My life is punctuated by the colour purple...
~it makes me smile~
...aren't these alliums incredible? They grow from perennial bulbs and are related to onions! I am forever amazed at how resistant aliums are to wind and's as if their stems are secretly reinforced....learn more about them here...

Purple is not violet but it's ok - mixing up the two is completely acceptable ~ afterall, there are many, many shades of both colours and they both fit into the range between blue and red....
Purple is a super accent colour - it works well with a pastel hue, bringing some colour interest but letting you maintain  a subdued palette.

My very favourite Vogue cover - August, 1957...

A home in Dublin, Ireland.....I am so glad that there are people out there who wear their love of purple on their sleeve or walls, as is the case here!

Lavender and purple work well together as well! ~ blue and purple are a romantic combination as well...

Mr. Depp is clearly a fan of my favourite colour and I am a fan of HIS!

Add some purple of your life today!

Grey and purple..a super-cool combo!

Dreamy, Italian-romantic purple..

If I had shutters, I would paint them purple..just like these folks in Alsace, France...

 Purple? not quite but lovely nonetheless....I believe this is a bridal shop in Waterford, Ireland
(I googled it - wink)

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  1. loving my new lavender walls in the studio! It's energizing when it needs to be, and soothing to relax at the same time. What great lavender finds you have here.

  2. Those alliums are gloriousss... I've seen huge ones, as big as a baby's head!
    Hey, where's Prince purple album cover???


  3. I LOVE that Italian purple wooden door against the orangish building!! Beautiful! I want to LIVE purple now :-D

  4. Heather - you are so right! Lavender can be both cool and warm - such a versatile colour! Here's wishing you many happy and productive hours in your studio!ox

    Lenore: he he....Prince who? Harry has a new album? who knew? oxo

    Sara - I am with you..If someone told us of the combination of those two colours, we would say: 'yuk!!' but it works beatifully, doesn't it? oxo

  5. These are fab fab fab examples !
    Thinking I could change the colour of my blog to purple.
    What say you AJ ?


  7. You should see my spring garden. Lots of different purple flowers, including several varieties of purple.

    Purple is my favourite colour, though it's not terribly flattering on me, unless I do a lot of work, so you'll most often see me in orange. In fact that shot of the purple door against the terracotta orange walls in Italy was made for me!

  8. Your creativity astonishes me! Wish I had some:)

  9. I use to have any shade or form of purple. To me it always equated "old". Now that I am "old", I appreciate it's wonderful depth and all the gorgeous hues. I painted (one wall) my daughters bedroom a deep Ralph Lauren Eggplant & from then on I was hooked. No bodies uses purples like the Irish for outdoor buildings, talk about cheery on a rainy day!

  10. oops...NOT 'have', HATE! Sorry AJ D :