Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I dream of the soft glow....

...of lanters in my garden......We love having people over for long, drawn-out, lazy summer evenings...I simply can't wait for the sun to go down so I can light up my garden....lanterns, candles, glass containers, whatever I can "set on fire"....

....last summer, the Big-K installed two fountains for me (can you believe it? 2!!!!) and one of them, a little pond with a soft-flowing, water-trickling ceramic pot came with a floating orb which is solar-powered and changes colours as it moves gently on the pond.....dreamy....

The above photo is from the Mid-Autumn Festival celebrated in China and Vietnam...an event in which I would love to participate one day..sounds inspiring and very fun at the same time (they wear pomelo rinds on their heads!)....

Paper lanterns are very versalite decorating accessories - they are cheap and can be very colourful. Seemingly endless varieties are available in Chinese and Vietnamese stores...I have seen them used at weddings, parties and at corporate events. A grouping of them can look very fetching hanging from a tree, in the corner of a garden, or just under the ceiling, en masse....

These solar-powered lanterns are called Solar Shoji Lanterns, learn more about them here..

....aahh...Spring seems so far away and I already dream of summer...
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  1. I love little white lights, I keep up my outdoor Christmas lights all winter they look great glowing under the snow.
    Thanks for the reminder to pull out the summer lights.

  2. Your yard sounds dreamy....

  3. ooh would love to participate one day in that event too~ I'm sure it's so much more beautiful in person~ lighting the dark sky~

  4. Spectacular post!I can only imagine how beautiful it looks when all the lights are on glowing in the dark! Such a wonderful inspiration!

  5. Would love to partecipate in a event like this!

  6. Your dreaminess is contagious. That is one thing that I find difficult with living in Houston, once the sun sets you can't really be outside unless you have a pest control system or your not bothered. I long for nights such as that with glowing lanterns, and candles. spent lingering into the wee hours sipping a glass (or 4) or wine. The best outdoor living for the evenings had to have been Las Vegas hands-down. Zero bugs, warm, & with great views. Lovely, fun post AJ!

  7. Gardanne: thank you so much for your visit to my little blog...you make beaufiful, dreamy things with your hands and I am very envious of your talent! Good to see you! ox

    Sara - come for a visit - ANYTIME!! ox

    Lenore: you globe-trotter-you! If anyone can do it, you can! ox

    Anya: - maybe I am drawn to these glowing lights because every woman looks beautiful by candlelight - just like your stunning hats: they could make any woman beautiful! ox

    Federica: sounds like we need to get together, one of these days, and have the event lit up by a thousand paper lanters...ox

    Kristin: thank you for visiting - it's always so nice to see you! ox

    Dumbwit: most out-in-the-country locations in this part of Ontario do suffer from black flies, pesky little carnivores, but we are very lucky - it's the proximity of the lake, I am sure...a mosquito here and there but nothing major, nothing a little citronella and a couple of glasses of wine can't deal with and it's even better when it's a little breezy - the bugs seem to hide then but the lanters just love the wind..they sway and sway and sway.....:) oxoxo

  8. Pretty !
    What's a pomelo ?
    (I know-
    me and my questions - duh)

  9. Jan, isn't a pomelo one of those large green citrus fruit things - a cross between a grapefruit and ... not sure quite what, perhaps a melon?

    Love this blog - delicious photos!

  10. Susan, thanks for visiting...you are absolutely right about the pomelo and since Jan asked, I just had to answer her question (see today's post)...hope to see you again soon, glad you like the blog! ox