Friday, February 5, 2010



(PS: the slight blurr is due to my effort at the "Joan Collins Look"....
(PS2:you have no idea what it took out of me to post photos of myself - it's part of my growing process)

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  1. your hair looks beautiful both ways! and so do you!! i understand the courage it takes and applaud you for feeling the fear and doing it anyway... love the glasses!!

  2. Thanks, Maire..very kind of you to post and with such supportive comments! ox AJ

  3. You look so sophisticated. The glasses are marvelous too. Actually as I scrolled down to write this I saw the photo of your mother...You look like her...Lovely. With some mystery too.
    Congrats on the bold move. I find self portraits hard to do and to post too! :)

  4. Thank you so much, Andrea, and this coming from a fellow "no nonsense" Capricorn, it means a lot. I am not AT ALL a shy person, not one-on-one, but when it comes to revealing myself in photos, to myself and to others, I have a hard time, I must admit. This is part of my "therapy" - it started with my reading some comments on the great blog of my friend, Maire Dodd. You will see a link to her blog on mine....yes, I am told I look a lot like my Mother, even more so in person. At her funeral, her friends and long-time patients who had not seen me in a long time were literally must have been weird for them...before she died, I did not think much about the resemblance between us - now I cherish it... oxo AJ

  5. So nice to finally put a face to you! You have gorgeous eyes! And I have to say, I love your hair both ways. I'm rocking the bangs right now too, and it's funny because, as soon as I posted a few pics, everyone said I looked just like my mother! I have to agree with the comment above that you very much resemble your mom, and even more so with the new bangs.

    By the way, is it spring yet?