Friday, February 5, 2010

Mixed feelings...

I have mixed feelings about technology, though it permeates our lives. Just recently, I posted on a fab blog about my thoughts on Kindle...I say "nay".

~each day, I am vitually tied to my "blueberry" (as I call it). The initial reason for our relationship, the berry's and mine, was the nature of my job and the need to stay in touch with clients who may be facing emergency situations. Vetting my business emails on the berry also helps me manage them better - yes, I agree...the berry helps me...
but over time, the excuse that I needed it for work no longer I respond to every bing and bong and feel compelled to check who is pinging and blinking...I now have a "berry dependancy"

~then there is the dictaphone, the digital wonder which lets me "communicate" with my there-is-no-one-like-her Carolyn (my law clerk) I am, driving to or from the office, dictating away.....

~and then, of course, there is the laptop, which has become an extension of me...I am afraid to go into how much time I spend on it...

~the official gig, when I moved to the country to live with the big-K, was that neither of us would spend time on technology in the evenings or on weekend...ya, right!! Now he has a blackberry too (he had to give in at work) and we are both attached to our laptops..

~the other night, I realized that technology is now a part of me, even when I prepare to go out for the evening and put in ipod is close-by.....
I am still fighting it - I think there is a balance to be struck
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  1. I totally feel the same way! Six months ago, I literally NEVER used my computer, there was no need for me to and I quite prided myself on living a simpler life.....enter: an etsy shop, blog, twitter, flickr, droid phone and laptop.....most days I hardly recognize myself and I'm constantly torn between how much do I "need" to be on, as opposed to "want" .....ugh!

  2. Hey, Sara! I am glad someone understands! I think we need to accept that today, "simple life" has a different definition than it did, say, 20 years ago. I chose the simple life by moving out of Toronto, which is a very big city, and now living in the country. The closest Starbucks is a 1/2 drive away but I manage somehow, hehe.....that was my first step and I have others planned but I have to be realistic about what my job, our jobs involve...we cannot use typewriters anymore and courier pigeons. But, once again, I think there is a balance to be struck oxox thanks for posting!