Saturday, February 20, 2010

I ab zik today....

My head hurts, my noze is sduffed'up and by body feelz lige I ran a barathon....
I am zitting here watching the Olymbics, in my Olymbic hoodie....

Piles of Kleenex around...

My goal for today is to baint my doenails with this happy, sparkly and HEADTHY hue....
but I am not sure I ab well enough to bend over thad much...
I might swoon!!

Led's all give Carolyn a warm round of abblause for giving me this beast!!

And now, a little entertainment....
Vieber discretion advised!

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  1. I'm fighting off something myself. No congestion, yet, but a barky cough and slightly sore throat.

    Of course this explains why I've been dragging my butt for the last 48 hours. I should be knitting or writing, but I think I'll go take a nap instead.

    (Oh and BTW I'm Stacey from FB and Etsy)

  2. Hey, I guess SOMEBODY loves me cos it zeems like nooone does, right now...of course I know who you are!!!!!!!! feel better!!!! did you see the video??? makes me laugh every time!

  3. Awww, poor thing! I had it last week! Misery! Hoping for a speedy recovery for you.:-)

  4. Great video ... ATISHOO !
    Hope you're feeling better soon! x

  5. Thanks, Sara and Jan - I must admit feeling sorry for myself is making me feel A LOT better....I was lying in bed a little while ago, Kevin was doing the crossword. I said: "I think I am going to die, what music will you play at my funeral?" he responded: "how about the closing theme to Benny Hill".....that's why I love him!