Friday, February 19, 2010

The Rio Paradox

Since my childhood, I have always associated Rio's (and Brazil's, in general) Carnival with incredible celebration, sultry abandon, heat, humidity, sparkles and feathers....those ladies sported their incredible, tanned and fit bodies (including their boobies, the rage!) well before anyone even thought of the skimpy costumes of Lady Gaga, Brittney or Pamela Anderson...and it was all good! There was an internal order to the universe...
The "west" caught on...slowly but it did.....

Now we have foisted upon us questionable attempts at photography with the apparent object being a celebrity's crotch while getting out of a car....why would I want to see that? but apparently, somone does....progress, I guess...we are catching up...Lady Gaga is wearing almost nothing at all and Heidi Montag just can't wait to show us those new DDs, clad in as little as possible!

The pendulum is swinging - the other way - in Brazil!!!!
This adorable 7-year-old-girl, Julia Lira, was told (well, her parents were) that she could not be a Samba school queen because her bikini was too sultry - but how can it be??? she has no boobies and her body is not remotely sexual! She is a child!!
Many kids her age run around naked on the beach~Yes, she is dancing the suggestive samba but so is everyone else (this is Brazil!) and pretending to shield her from exposure to it is simply silly, in my view....
She won her court battle...

I say, let's enjoy this incredible, vibrant celebration while we can - who knows what comes next...
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  1. much better than the Vegas shows I tell ya'
    Suddenly I want to feather myself!
    Fab weekend darling~

  2. I love the colours in these images.
    So glad the little girl got to dance.
    Happy weekend !

  3. Co za kolory! Nigdy nie przepadalam za piorami, ale ta w zielonym i to fioletowe oko, mhhh:)
    Nie wydaje Ci sie, ze to ten karnawal jest taki troche... overdone?:)

  4. Zgadzam sie kompletnie, Monika, ale chyba na tym polega caly jego cymes, jak mowil moj dziadek - wszyscy sie tego spodziewaja ale masz racje, to jest zupelnie "over the top"! oxox Aga

  5. Came to you this am courtesy of Ms. Finberg. Your comment hit me, helped me. Facing my own little drama 'professionally', and AM going to change what can be changed at this point. Love your profile (my Strong-Campbell Interest testing said I should be an attorney). And these women, great, sexy. Dance, dance any way you've moved to.