Thursday, February 18, 2010

Un-Canadian Self-Promotion

We, Canadians, are a self-deprecating, non-own-horn-tootin' bunch...
but the truth is: WE ROCK!
and once in a while, someone should just say it, so I AM saying it!!

Did you know Mike Myers is Canadian?

How about John Roberts (now of CNN)? I have had a crush on him since he was a V-Jay at a Toronto TV Station, and back then, he was known as JD Roberts..I think that, like Clint, he gets better looking with kinda man...rides a motorcycle too...wrrrhhhhhmmmm

and Eric McCormack- he's a Canuck too!

And "Alex Keaton" - who can forget this lovable face, still so loveable....

ehm.....well...ya, she too!

And Kiefer, 24 hours out of every day - a Canadian!!!

And this is our Prime Minister, Stephen Harper...I think he is kinda cute, in a nerdish sort of way (but these guys can be real rascals behind closed doors, ya know!)...this is one of my favourite photos of all time - the dark background, the rain and his lips...

and this is another super cool Canadian - ME!
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credits:,,,kiefer photo by Nigel Parry,,


  1. I did know about Mike Myers and Kiefer.
    I'm sorry to say though that I hadn't a clue who the Prime Minister is.
    Shame on me.
    That's a great photo of supercool you !

  2. You are super cool! And I'm american but I would love to visit canada sometime. The hubby and I just talked about going...any suggestions? :)

  3. Darling you're right, it's totally an European thing, but I love to organize my party at my home. Nobody ever have organized a surprise party for me! But who know, maybe one day!
    Have a wonderful weekend,